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Record Label: Panama Records 1978
The original album is not currently available on CD. However, some of the songs are contained on the "Best Of Missouri" CD.

Ron West - lead vocals, guitar, keyboards, harmonica;
Lane Turner - lead guitar;
Alan Cohen - bass, vocals;
Bill Larson - drums.

Intro 1:06
Movin On 3:32
Got That Fever 3:20
I'm Still Tryin 4:12
You're Alright 3:02
Really Love You 3:32
Hold Me 3:05
I Know Its Love 3:05
Come On Move 2:52
Goin Home 2:25
Mystic Lady 5:18

This was Missouri's first album released in 1978. It was released on a small local label, Panama Records, which was based in Kansas City, Missouri. The songs "Movin On" and "Mystic Lady" received the most airplay. The album contains the original version of the song "Movin On" with the swirling synthesizer introduction that segues into the song.

The album is fairly collectable and difficult to find since its distribution was limited to the midwest United States. A copy in good condition generally sells for $10 - $15.

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