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Band Information

"Mystic Lady

I'm so glad you're mine

Mystic Lady

I'm gonna make you feel fine

Oh Mystic Lady

Oh won't you please lay it down."

Taken from "Mystic Lady" by Missouri

The group Missouri was originally from Kansas City, Missouri. For their first album, the band consisted of:
Ron West - lead vocals, guitar, keyboards, harmonica;
Lane Turner - lead guitar;
Alan Cohen - bass, vocals;
Bill Larson - drums.

For their second album, the band consisted of:
Ron West - lead vocals, guitar;
Web Waterman - vocals, lead and acoustic guitar;
Alan Cohen - bass;
Randall Platt - piano, clavinet, moog, organ;
Dan Billings - drums.

Missouri became popular around the time when it seemed like every state had a group named after it. Kansas had Kansas. Alabama had Alabama. And Missouri had, well, Missouri.

Missouri released a total of two albums containing original songs. Their first album "Missouri" was released on Panama Records, a small local label in Kansas City, Missouri. Their second album "Welcome Two Missouri" was released on Polydor Records. A "Best Of" compact disc was released on V&R Records and is currently available. Each of these releases are described on the Discography pages. The group's songs were played on a number of radio stations in the midwest like KSHE 95.

Missouri is no longer together and their music is seldom heard on classic rock radio stations.

For more information about the band, please visit The Official Missouri Website.

Where are they Now???

Ron West

I recently heard from Ron West, former member of the group Missouri. He had this to say:

"I, Ron West, am still alive living in south Kansas City with my 24 track digital studio. I formed the band in 1976 and wrote and sang all the songs. All the songs are on my publishing company, Boo Dog Publishing, BMI and you can access them through BMI on the Internet.

My brother, Gary West, was the original lead singer and wrote for (the band) Shooting Star. Both of us played together in a band named The Chesmann from 1964 through 1972, along with my other brother, Stephen, who played bass.

I've had a lot of people tell me that they would do a web page on the band, but apparently no one ever got around to it except you. So Thanks!"

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