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Best Of Missouri

Record Label: V&R Records 1991
This CD contains songs found on Missouri's first and second albums.

Varies depending on song. See credits for first and second albums.

Intro 1:06
Movin On 3:42 *
Got That Fever 3:20
Hold Me 3:05
I Know It's Love 3:05
Goin Home 2:25
Mystic Lady 5:18
Sunshine Girl 3:33 *
Walk Like A Man 3:49 *
I Really Love You 4:34 *
So Far Away 2:49 *

* indicates song taken from "Welcome Two Missouri". All other songs taken from "Missouri".

The good news is that the music of Missouri is available on CD. The bad news is that the sound on this CD is poor. The CD is a legitimate release, but the sound is extremely muddy. The store owner where I got my copy said that all of the copies of the CD sound that bad, so it is not the pressing. It must be the mastering.

I'm not sure how having two albums out qualifies a group to have a "Best Of" CD, but in this case it does.At least the "Intro" to the song "Movin On" is here. But "Movin On" is the version from the second album, not the first. Go figure. "Mystic Lady" is on the CD as well, so at least you get their two best songs. The remainder of the songs are pulled from each of their albums.

Since their two original albums are out of print and fairly difficult to locate, having this CD is probably better than nothing. But, if you can get your hands on a clean copy of their first album, go for it over this CD.

More good news is that this CD can be found in record and CD stores throughout the country for about $12. Best Buy even has copies of it.

As the songs says..."One day soon I'll stop my searching..." and someone will remaster the first Missouri album correctly and put it on CD in its entirety.

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